December 5, 2009

Maybe I will Blog... Maybe

No promises, I can't make a firm commitment. But with by Brother and Sister blogging I feel sort of guilt ridden about my lack of blog. So perhaps a picture will suffice... and if this fortune cookie is any indication, the future will be thrilling... thrilling I say.

Today I attended the One of A Kind Show in Chicago... sort of a let down for me.  I'm disappointed by how many are offended by the word "craft".  Sometimes I think Martha S. has done us a disservice my making craft so perfect, precious and attached to the "happy home-maker".  Don't get me wrong, I loves me my Martha... but she's really contributed to the separation between crafts and fine art.  I'd like to see that change.

Stay tuned to this blog or Craft Critique for more on the OOAK show...  Now I am off to try and sleep, which should prove to be difficult without any string cheese in the house (night cheese!)

Oh, and if you missed this weeks 30 Rock watch it on Hulu... I think it was one of the funniest ever.


Ann Martin said...

Hey Sarah! I'm glad to see you're back, even if it's only with a maybe. I'm curious about what you said... is it that people don't want to apply the word craft to what they make by hand because they prefer to think of their work as art? There's a difference between art and craft in my mind, but I suppose it's a subjective one. I tend to decide on what term to use after considering an item individually. Personally, I like 'handcrafted', as most people recognize it to mean something has been made with care and quality materials.

Mary said...

Thanks for putting up the Dealbreakers. I watched it and it was very funny.


Donna said...

Then there's the guy on TV I saw that was offended by his mother/aunt somebody who made him a gift for Christmas because she calls herself a "crafter" because she watches Martha and owns a glue gun.He was like "Martha makes people think they can do it themselves and they can't". WTF?? Jeesh, what about the thought that counts? What if everyone said they couldn't make something and let only professionals have the fun. There would go the whole craft industry let alone personal creativity. --Sorry for the rant.

WillieburgScrapper said...

I totally agree!!!! That separation has existed before Martha though because "craft" is usually associated with women's work and the feminine point of view which is not valued as highly as men's ideas and work in our culture. But I won't get heavy- promise!
I'm glad Martha shows that a woman can make mega bucks doing what we've done for years but she also makes her bucks making us all feel just a tiny bit insecure. I love her and hate her- she's a dialectic :)
I'm just happy to get ideas and put them down on a page. LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!