October 31, 2008

Halloween Adventures!

Today was dress up day at the preschool! I was in my gushing mom glory... Andy was so happy as R2D2, and if I do say so myself... the costume ROCKED!

The hat was made from a party bowl that I sprayed silver. I glued it to a bike helmet to keep it secure. There are several spots that light up too... I used small lights designed to used inside pumpkins or on bikes to make the light up features. My fave local nerdy-goods store American Science and Surplus supplied us with a lot of the "parts"; bike reflectors, odd-ball wires and strange grills from who knows what!

The body was shaped from an Ikea hamper covered with white duct tape. I just cut a hole in the bottom of the hamper and flipped it over! All the blue is also duct tape... I used 3 rolls in all!

He loved his R2D2ness so much he just had to do the Robot...

And here is a fun lunch I made for Andy-pants yesterday... a "mummy dog", bread bones, worms with blood sauce, monster goo yogurt, and apple lips! See Family Fun for some recipes and great ideas for Halloween treats!

But needless to say, all this Halloween madness has left me pooped... and it isn't even Halloween yet! I am totally planning to steal all the child's peanut butter cups and skittles to make up for my sleeplessness!

Stay tuned for pics of our Barack-o-lantern! and don't forget to VOTE!

October 9, 2008

Think Before You Speak

In case you haven't seen it yet... This is awesome.

Go HERE to read more.

October 6, 2008

Latest Layouts....

Just popping by to show some of my latest layouts... These were created for the Project Catwalk contest over at SIS TV... and I am proud to say I made it into the top 25, so I get to play in the finals! It's honestly been so fun, I wouldn't have been disappointed if I hadn't made it. Ok, maybe a little disappointed! :)

On this page I used Tim Holtz's metal numbers and spray painted them to give them a new look.

This layout features a layer I created by weaving strips of a cut page protectors into a square and sewing the edges.

I used a Goody Brand barrette and a bento food pick as an embellishment too... see!

For this page I cased this amazing layout by my online pal mrschez. It features a little vintage pin that I found at a thrift store... it says "I ride the bus"... how cute is that?