August 12, 2007

Great Band Names

Ya know when you get that random thought... "that'd be a great band name!" Well, like you, I get tons of spam email... and they often start with those weird nonsensical sentences structured to trick your spam filters right? Well hidden in those wack-o phrases are cool band names. Feel free to use the following... these would probably also make good poetry prompts, song, film or album titles as well. Do with them what you please.

Poll Module for Serendipity
Last Child in the Woods
Superweeds Damage
Feedback Mapbirds (my favorite)
Information or Dead
Unibus Baggage
The Simplification Trick
Dragon Screamer
Shift Biz
For None Venture
Megatown Backsplash
A Clock in Your Pocket
Typewriter Plush
Justin Long Glibly
Cablecar Media
Blaster Gallery
Insane Report
All my Pretty Chickens
From the Crowns of Stems


Tandra said...

Chickens"!! Thats is so annoying getting those emails. Who writes that stuff???

Tandra said...

hmmm... my whole post didnt show!! lol
I wrote
"my favorite is All My Pretty Chickens"!!