August 13, 2007

New Blog Banner... and other stuff I need to do

Getting a new blog banner has been on my list of to-do items... I am still not fully satisfied with it, but I was like the last person on earth to have banner period... so now I have a "sort of" cool banner. Whatever... it's better than nothing.

Also on my to do list...
  • Acknowledge all the lovely people who have tagged me receintly. It's not that I am some sort of tagging snob or something... I just can't keep up. Please forgive me!
  • Send a bunch of cards in for publication.
  • Get some stuff up on Ebay.
  • Make kitchen curtains.
  • Buy fabric for kitchen curtains.
  • Buy shelves from Ikea and reorganize my studio.
  • Talk to you about Angelic Organics... the organic farm we bought a share in... yum!
  • Figure out which justjohanna cards I can post for you.
  • Post a bunch of stuff on Splitcost and ScrapTV.
  • Finish organizing my San Fran pics and show them to you.
  • Set up a paid Flickr account so I have more space and can sort things into albums.
  • Clean my house (aren't I funny!)
  • Add a ton of people to my blogroll.... again... SORRY! I am so bad about that!
  • Celebrate my one year anniversary blogging (yay!)
  • Do some sort of cool fundraising blog giveaway thingy.

If this isn't enough reason for you to stay tuned... you are just too hard to please! :)

Ok... twist my arm... here are some fun San Fran Images for ya! Click on them to enlarge.

Giant sexy legs on Haight Street!

I have no idea what The Owl Tree sells... this was a "drive by" picture snapping!

Doesn't this sign make laundry look fun!

Really yummy Mexican Restaurant... REALLY yummy (the new blog banner was shot in their bathroom by the way!) The place was FILLED with awesome art and amazing copper walls which for some reason I didn't snap a picture of.

No I didn't get a tattoo/piercing here... but It's a cool building right?

What a great name for a donut shop! Unfortunately the sign/name was better looking than the donuts.

As if you needed another reason to love the Japanese... three cheers for food that eats itself! (Bottom picture... second square down on the left side.) Pictures taken in Japantown... my favorite place in all of San Francisco!


Claudette said...

Enjoyed looking at these signs....great idea taking pictures of them.

Elizabeth Royalty said...

Don't worry... we'll be waiting :) LOL!

Life first. Blogging second. right?

Have a happy day!

Julie said...

excellent eye candy in this post! I love them all!

Julie ~ Jades Butterflies! said...

Summer can be very busy...I really like your banner! It has been on my to do list as well! I can't wait to hear the details on your share friend Angela in Arizona does this, she has always encouraged me to do it as well, to date I have not been able to find any out here...Looks like you are going to be a busy girl! Elizabeth royalty is right...we'll be waiting!

Martha Bonneau said...

Owls, Dream Fluff (mmmmm, Dream Fluff) and cool Japanese fun!!

Nan and B.A.G.S. the pug -aka Aine said...

*gasp* I am going to San Fran in like 3 weeks!?!!! I will be at the craft meetup today at Portillos so I can't wait to meet you! Nan

Nan and B.A.G.S. the pug -aka Aine said...

Thanks again for giving all the San Fran maps and hints! I adore it and will definately take a sneak into Japan town and Farout Fabrics! Thanks so much this evenings crafting funfest - I had a blast! Hugs! Nan