May 12, 2007

My trip to the Kane County Flea Market!

The Chicagoland Craft Collective and I attended the Kane County Flea Market last weekend. There was just so much to either write about or keep me busy this week that I wasn't able to write about it until today!

My pal Martha wrote about our trip on her Blog too... She even scrapped it already (overachiever)! You can see some more pics on this post.

Note... this is what we Did NOT buy... but we felt these items at least deserved to have their picture taken.

Love these glasses... and note that AWESOME color green... my new fave color; and I think close to SU!'s new Wild Wasabi! I can't wait. oh... Looks like the new Groovy Guava is in there too... on the left! Trend spotting! :)

As if you needed more proof that Red and Turquoise look cool together... I love the idea of framing a vintage game board. This gal's booth was so great too... I could have moved in.

Great colors once again... These vintage blogs were so fab.

Hello... there is that Green again... this time on some flour sack fabric.

I love these oak leaves. Acorns rock and so does the color combo of burgundy, brown, rose, pink and vanilla.

Sort of scary... sort of cool. Circa 1982.

Ladies... PUH-LEEZE do NOT buy your clip on hair at the flea market... this is an absolute fashion DON'T!

Martha bought this amazing toy chest... At least I know it has a good home.

I heart salt and pepper shakers... and deer.

Terrific color combo... and I SO WISH I could have a red rotary phone... Especially if it had a little red light on top of it and the label "The President"... or "Superman" on the front.

The theme of the day had to be circus... but who doesn't love Johnny Appleseed??? I think he's cooler than Paul Bunyan even... at least he wears a better hat.

Hard to judge the size here... but that Donkey is about 5" wide. This is serious bling for a SERIOUS McGovern fan. I would love to see the Red White and Blue dress that was worn with it!

Another great color combo... an a slightly scary clown.


KardKrazy said...

Thanks for this mini trip to the flea market. Love all your pictures. I'm going to have to make a trip out there now for sure!

Bev The Softball Mom said...

I have 3 of those clown glasses (used to hasve 4) AND the MAtching Cookie JAR!!!! They were my Grandma's. We used to have cookies and milk when we would stay over. Do you kinow if they had the whole set there? Oh the memories. TFS

Tami said...

How wonderful that you took pics of all the great color inspiration there. I'm dying to know what you did buy!

IamSusie said...

I hope I get to go on the next outing. Those toys are so much fun. I always enjoy dishes, glassware and textiles.

Jeans inky hugs said...

Awsome! finds. I use to go the KCFM all the time when my sister and I lived in St.Charles IL.

I've spent a many of a Sunday trying to figure out how we were going to get some of our fine in our car.

But since we lived close enough we would load the car and I would stay there until everything was picked up.

I just got myself some really cool dishes and wire basket in a couple of store's in Moultrie GA. This is where my sister lives now.

Thanks for showing your GREAT flea marker fines!

Dawn Mercedes said...

what fun finds...I'd love to have a rotary phone too!

SpAzzGiRL said...

Makes me want to actually venture out of my own county and check this out...looks like I'll need change for those tolls!
Love those glasses.

Donna said...

I'm so sad I missed it. I will have to get over there next month.

Sarah and Jack said...

How interesting to see the things you took pictures of! We saw a LOT of those Hazel Atlas clown glasses there (never see those here.) And I remember that donkey necklace, it caught my eye too!

We have that same toy chest. When we saw it even Jack noticed that it was just like his!