January 28, 2007

Pizza for Breakfast :: Why I am Fat.

I'm not a big fan of the traditional breakfast. I crashed early last night... like 8:30. And those of you who know me personally understand HOW odd that really is.

So I woke up at 6:00 AM... which is often when I am GOING to bed. With the house this quiet I figured I would enjoy a nice breakfast of Senseo Coffee and left over pizza. So I did! I have been munching, drinking and editing photos to upload later.

I did a Birthday Party yesterday for a group of 8 year old girls; one of my fave activities. I mean I love doing workshops for grown-ups too; but little girls ROCK! All they wanna talk about is toys, TV and crafts... and that's all I wanna talk about too! I never grew up. Their projects came out SO GREAT! I will share with you later...

I have had a TON of tutorial requests... so today I will work on getting some of those created... Stay tuned for an EASY shaker card, a file folder scrapbook, and a step by step on the Love Notes File I posted a while back. And remember.... I take requests! :)

Have a great Sunday everyone!


Anonymous said...

Sarah, you are too funny! Pizza is one of my *fave* breakfast foods too...or any leftovers from dinner for that matter! :o)

Tracy said...

Sarah~I dream of being what you call "fat". Are you not feeling well that you were in bed so early? Is the shoebox stress getting to you? I hope not, yell if you need help and I will try my best to do it.

Susie Z said...

Cold pizza and fresh coffee with cream is a breakfast straight from heaven!