January 27, 2007

Buy Yourself Something Pretty!

In honor of the super fun box of goodies I received from my very adorable friend Shannon of Boogiebead, I thought I'd tell you all about her beaded stuff and why you need to buy something from her!

Shannon lives in St. Petersburg Florida, where everything is always warm, sunny and laid back. In my imagination she just lies around tanning, sipping fruity umbrella drinks out of pineapples and beading... but she does have a 9-5 job, so I suppose she must change out of her bikini on occasion.

Her stuff is so cute. I have no Idea where she finds these amazing glass beads, but I love them! Be sure to check out her "Peeper Keepers"... beaded eye/sunglass holders. They make great gifts for teachers and well... anyone who wears peepers! You can also visit her wonderful shop at Etsy. Buy Shannon's jewelry with confidence! She is a top notch artist, and you will not be disappointed with the quality of her work. Here is a picture of the funky Valentine bracelet Shannon sent me!


Anonymous said...

That is gorgeous!

AnneMarie said...

what a beautiful bracelet! the heart beads are too cool!

Tracy said...

Sarah~I checked out her site and as soon as some extra "me" money becomes available I will definatley be purchasing from her! Her stuff is soooo pretty! Thanks for sharing this with us!