March 6, 2009

Foot Update; Day Three

So it is day three of the injury, and the foot is still swelling. The bruises are moving around in all sorts of colorful and exciting ways. The soft boot I have to wear and the crutches are making it easier for me to get around the house. I unfortunately have to take codeine for the pain... but I am taking Advil first... and only take the codeine secondary.

It's much more painful at this point than I anticipated. Using the crutches is a whole body experience, working muscles I didn't know I had, causing me to be exhausted at the end of the day.

The depression is already creeping up on me. Last spring was consumed by my mom's illness; no gardening, no vacations, stuck inside... etc. After our particularly cold and snowy winter I am already feeling stir crazy, so I am not looking forward to a possible 3 months of no driving or walking.

Tomorrow I have my CT scan and my MRI... and Wednesday I will follow up with the doctor to get the results. Meanwhile, my wonderful husband is taking care of me. Even my 4 year old has really stepped up to the plate; fetching things for mommy and be very careful not to jump on me directly.

I would like to say I will wait until the results of the CT scan are in before I start to freak out.... but I am starting to freak, a little bit. I am not a very patient person, nor am I good at loosing my independence. Time will tell!


IamSusie said...

This is a rotten situation. I hope that your foot heals really quickly and that you have people close by that can rally to help you out. Maybe by the time spring really hits, you will have more freedom to use your foot.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my, Sarah, your foot looks so bad! We're waiting to call after you have your MRI, etc. We're praying for no surgery. So sorry this happened to you, but we're so glad you have two good male nurses! These inconveniences surely make you appreciate good health, don't they?! You all hang in there & tell that "depression monster" to take a hike! You'll be better sooner than later! Love you, PJ & PapaDoo & Nipsy, too!

Charlotte B. Moore said...

Don't know why this published me as "anonymous"! Sounds creepy! Love you, PJ

mitch1066 said...

oh dear that looks bad!
Mine is only two cracked bones,most of the swelling hs gone down and the bruising has nearly all gone.I'm also feeling depressed it takes so much affort to do anything that it doesn't seem worth it.Maybe i'll lose weight from the meals i can't be bothered to get to LOL.Hubby tells me why don't you go down to the basement and sew but i'm not feeling creative plus that means two flights of stairs to go back up to bed:(...Good luck on the MRI!

angie said...

Aww Sarah I'm so sorry about your foot! I hope you don't have to have surgery. keep your head up!


Vel said...

Oh my, how awful for you. It looks so incredibly painful. I, too, fall all the time. Two years ago I broke a toe and it had just healed when I missed a step and broke a bone in my foot. Clumsies Unite!

I do hope it heals quickly and you're back to normal soon. Good luck!