June 11, 2008

More From the Digi Front...

Yes... it's the scrapblog again. I fear I may be addicted! it's just so easy to put a cool layout together while you are sitting in front of the TV... or chatting on the phone. I used to swear I would NEVER go digi... and well, here I am. Digiing it up all over the place!

What's so rad about SB is that you don't need any editing software... and it's so easy! Here are some VERY basic tips I have learned over there at scrapblog, if you decide to give it a whirl...

1. Drop shadows are the key to making your images pop... but some graphics look great without the shadow... then they look more like a rub on or stamp.

2. Experiment with editing your pictures with SB... My faves are BOOST and vignette... Antique is cool too! Play with using multiple treatments.

3. Stickers can go anywhere! In the layout below I used a photo corner under the word love... in the "baby likes the wall" layout... the journaling is done on a scrap sticker that is really a frame. I just hid the frame part behind the picture. Overlapping stickers can create new looks too... like in the layout below I stitched on top of a scrap of notebook paper to create a whole new embellishment.

4. Play with the opacity of your stickers... let the background show through. Think of how a piece of notebook paper or strip of masking tape would really look when laid over a piece of patterned paper, and mimic that by adjusting the opacity.

5. make your own background papers by layering papers on top of each other. Select a background from the background section... and then choose background STICKERS to lay in full over the top... then adjust the OPACITY of those stickers. In the layout below I used a sticker to create the distressing around the sides... then I took that same sticker, rotated it to vary the pattern and used that as a THIRD layer. In the last layout I used a very bright blue (with stars) for the background... and then layered a light beige background sticker over the top... and lightened up the opacity. to create a blended look.

6. Are you looking for the nifty Audrey Neal Digi kits (as seen in my 2nd and 3rd layouts above) that are availible for free in Scrapblog??? Well, you can ONLY find them if you access Scrapblog via Scrap in Style TV... HERE... look all the way at the bottom for the little button on the left...

What... you aren't a member yet of Scrap in Style TV? well sign up... that's were all the fun is happenin'! And when you do sign up, find me and say hello! I am staramaze (there and everywhere).

Stay tuned for some cool shots of my new fave store... Craft Fancy!

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