June 30, 2008

Got Pride?

Happy Pride week everyone! I spent this Sunday at the Gay Pride Parade in Chicago with my Brother and some friends... what a mad-house! The weather was beautiful except for a couple quick downpours that served to thin out the crowds a little bit.

Pride was great for people watching and I was able to play photographer and got some amazing shots. Here are a few of my favorites... but check back in a couple days to my Flickr, I will upload the rest there ASAP!


Jana Weaver said...

Thank you for sharing this!!! My favorite photo is for sure the last one. It just makes my heart happy!!

Lisbet said...

I´m just surfing around and looking for some new ideas and projcts.
I came across your side and I think it´s great. Thanks for all inspiration.


Elizabeth said...

I didn't go this year.. but I LOVE going to Pride. It's so fabulous!

thanks for sharing!

Debbie, said...

Hi Sarah:
I've gone to San Diego Pride many times with my son, but the most fun was a few weekends ago when we went to San Francisco Pride. OMG, that was crazy!! We made a 3-day weekend out of it. His friends live just up the hill from the Castro District and wow, what fun there! Glad you had fun.