May 31, 2008

Don't Worry!

I hope I didn't scare you all with my digi posts! I haven't gone all digi... just SOME digi! :) To be honest I do NOT really know what I am doing in the digi realm... which is why scrapblog has really gotten me excited... it's so easy! (and no... I am not being paid to say this! lol!)

Anywhoo... I figured I should post some of the non digi stuffs I have been working on... I have been working, but not on Design Team work. For now I have had to drop out of all my teams to focus on family.

I love this line Wonder Years by Daisy D's. This line was designed by the wonderful artist Stephanie DosReis of "A Little Deer".

When I was in a funk Stephanie of the Living Room Floor sent me the cutest pack of tags. Isn't that the sweetest! She totally brought back my mojo!

Stamped on 12X12 watercolor paper and colored with Peerless watercolors.

Paper was bleached to create the background design... then painted with acrylics.

A Japanese book on paper crafts was the inspiration for this layout.


IamSusie said...

Welcome back to blogging, Sarah! Your layouts are great!

chelemom said...

Love your Lo's!!! So cute!