August 28, 2007

A Simple Expression

First let me state I am grateful to say I have no current occasion to send this card... I created it for the wonderful ladies at Lizzie Anne Designs. It uses the set Au Naturale. I find it a challenge to make simple elegant sympathy cards. I think this accomplished my goal.

I love this color combination... I see pale yellow and gray in a lot of contemporary designs lately and Japanese influences. I adore this modern leaf design... such a lovely simple leaf.

The leaves are stamped in Staz-On and then heat set and bleached out. I like to use a "splashless" bleach... and I just paint it on with a small brush. The "splashless" type seems to stick to the brush more like a paint. I heat set the bleach after it's faded out a bit... especially if I am going to be painting in a lighter color than the background cardstock. I found that if I don't do that the bleach will remain active and bleach out the color I paint in!

It's important if you are using this technique that you use a cardstock without a white core... a nice dyed cardstock. Experiment with different papers... each color bleaches out in a unique way.


Liz said...

Hi, Sarah! Long time lurker, first time commenter. I had to say something because I LOVE this card... it *feels* calm. The leaf is such a beautiful symbol for the occasion of someone's passing. Keep up the great work here and on the CraftCritique blog - you've got a fan in me!

Liz, Crystal Lake

bethtrue said...

Sarah - gorgeous - simple and elegant! Thanks for sharing! Bleaching is a technique i have yet to try but its on the list, when I get a chance. Does this "ruin" your paintbrush, or should I just plan on designating one particular paintbrush for "bleach only".?

Beth (mommy to a busy 4 yr old)

twinks said...

Oh my, I am a "DITTO" to what Liz said.

I so appreciate the things you share and teach all of us INCLUDING how to be a gracious lady. I have never been affiliated with any company whatsoever, but love how you commented on Paperlicious after the storm.

Keep up the great work and beautiful, beautiful writing.


Angie said...

Oh, wow, this is GORGEOUS! LOVE it!!!

lexi said...

this card is so beautiful and calming, sarah--the falling leaves are just perfect. :) lexi

Heather said...

Neat card!

Anonymous said...

It's simple, but VERY BEAUTIFUL!!


Nan and B.A.G.S. the pug -aka Aine said...

i adore it - I love how you did the layered card stock look.

At our next meetup can you teach us how you do this? I am still lost on how to do clear stamps! lol.

thanks much!

bluemoon said...

This is so elegant and serene, you have an incredible unique style. Thanks for sharing.