June 21, 2007

Top Chef

Among my TV addictions is Bravo's Top Chef. I have been a devoted watcher since Season One. I was so pleasantly surprised to note that THIS season one of my old High School pals is a contestant!

Cutie pie Dale Levitski is doing OK so far! He was in the bottom 3 in the first episode but in the second he wasn't even noted on the radar... which is probably a good thing. It is a bit unnerving seeing someone you know on a reality show. You hear how things can get so twisted on these shows and how people can often be portrayed wrongly. I really hope Dale keeps it positive and does well.

He is so different from how I remember him! All buff and sporting a mohawk! Of course the last time I saw him was 1990. and we were both 17! Both my hubby and I remember him fondly; he was always a great guy and I have pleasant memories of him from High School. Good Luck Dale, I am so proud of you and Rick and I can't wait to go to your first Restaurant when you open it!

You can read all about Dale HERE.


snarflemarfle said...

That is so cool to know someone on a reality show!

I was excited when a high school buddy of mine was on Wheel of Fortune...he even made it to the final round!

Nancy said...

Here in Canada we just finished Season 2 on Tuesday night. I haven't watched it yet (recorded it). I am in love with this show. Although I am disappointed that my favourite in Season 2 was eliminated during the first half of the season finale

I look forward to the season with your old high school friend!

StampingontheLakefront said...

what school?

Dianne said...

I love Top Chef...and I'll definitely watch for your friend.

Debi said...

I'm addicted too! I absolutely love Top Chef! (and Project Runway too!)