May 4, 2007

The Winner!

The winner by Random Number Generator is... Starr Mercer!
Starr Mercer said...

One of my most favorite crafty blogs:
Thanks for the chance to win!

And hey... Looks like 5 people picked Kendra's blog as a fave, and it's a fave of mine too! I already contacted Kendra and let her know she won a swirly bird stamp. She was appropriately thrilled! :)

Starr... please contact me ASAP with your snail mail... hooray for you!

Looks like Starr just had a birthday, and also just gave away an amazing blog candy herself... so I guess this is Karma at work ladies! ;)

Boy, there were SO MANY blogs listed here... I thought I'd compile a clickable list for you... don't understand why the links in the comments weren't active... hmmm.

So hopefully I didn't duplicate anyone... so many blogs... so little time! Enjoy! :)
If there are any busted links... just drop me a line please!


Starr Mercer said...

Wow I'm so excited! Thanks for picking me!!! I will email you right away.qjjlivc

Colleen Schaan said...

Congratulations Starr! And thank you Sarah for putting all these links out are some awesome blogs!

scrapstampindiva said...

WOWEE - Congrats and thanks for picking me as your fave Starr! can't wait to get that cute swirly bird stamp :)

Chantelle said...

Congrats Starr. That's cool coz I picked Inkin It Up with Kendra as well. Just a cool blog. Thanks for this list of favourite bloggers.

flygirlual1 said...

I just found your blog Sarah!!Wow you are ver creative!!! And what a great bolg list this is!! I am in inspiration heaven!! Thank you!