April 5, 2007

We Have Winners!

Sorry this didn't get posted yesterday; but the cable... and therefor my internet access was out last night... it was super windy here!

We have TWO winners! Picked at random of course!

For the blog linkers: apigonfire!
apigonfire said...

uhhh yea, I already placed my order for the new PaperTrey stamps... how can a girl resist?!?! Anyways... your blog candy sounds absolutely amazing! I hope I posted to the right one! I'll be dropping by more often! Make sure to visit me: apigonfire.blogspot.com

and all the other entries: Peggy Maier!
Peggy Maier said...

Wow! Congrats to the winners!!! I had only missed 2, but I figured there were several who had them all. Never thought of Corduroy Lion - Good Grief! Thanks for letting us still play & get a chance at those goodie bags. You're a real sweetie.

Email me with your snail mail address gals!

Wait till you see these awesome goodie bags! and I tossed some other fun stuff in there too! :)

So my stamp room is A MESS! But boy oh boy do I have some fun things in store for the coming months! I have all these new stamps and fun toys to play with; I can't wait to share them with you ALL! Now off to clean my stamp space! :)

Have I told you Gina K. Rocks?

Gina donated a wonderful basket with 8 very cute wood mounted stamps and a technique video for our SCS Gathering. Look how nice she wrapped it up and everything...

Anyways, she is so sweet and generous, and I want you all to know she is doing something fabulous on her blog and stamping store Stamping Freak. She has created a new stamp set called "Love you to Pieces" that she is selling to raise money for Autism. It's an awesome idea; and I hope you all go and make a purchase! For each set sold Gina is donating $8. Great job Gina!


Dawn Mercedes said...

Congrats to the winners!

Glad your internet is back. What a bummer when we can't get online!

apigonfire said...

SHUT UP!!! I won?!?!? Really?!?!? Really, really?!?! :) I'm excited, if you couldn't tell! I never win anything! Woo-hoo!

Gina K. said...

You rock for letting people know about the Autism stamp set! We've raised quite a bit so far! Over $1600.00!!! Our readers rock too, don't they?
Gina K.