April 3, 2007


I forgot all about my favorite vendor! BIG, BIG. BIG thanks to Tony Vrolyk (Sarah Vrolyk of Kindred Spirit's Hubby) from Stamper's Sidekick! Not only did he come out and help us set up tables, move stuff around... etc... he donated an SS Application for a door prize and a cool tote!

Stamper's Sidekick is THE end-all-be-all in organization for Stampers. Here are some more details from their website...

Stamper’s Sidekick is an amazingly complete system. While new features are already planned for future versions, you will be amazed at the level of detail to which you can track your business.

The system can be accessed through 6 main modules – Customers, Events, Orders, Products, Projects and Expenses – and while they each track specific information, they are inherently connected to each other …

  • Customers attend Events, place Orders and add Products to their wish list.
  • Orders for Products are placed by Customers often at Events.
  • Projects require certain Products, are demonstrated at Events and match up to Customers areas of interest.

As you can see, while your business contains many different pieces of data, it all relates to each other. That is where the power of Stamper’s Sidekick shines. No repeat data entry, no difficulty calling up customer order histories, event attendance, expenses or other information.

An ever-growing number of reports allow you to easily track your business, keep watch on expenses and profits, manage your events with ease and help you market your products better – all so you can focus on what you do best, taking care of your customers.

Tony and Sarah Vrolyk also won our "Cutest Couple Award"... They are an amazing pair!


Julia Stainton said...

Sarah and Tom DO look like a really cute couple! The whole event looks like a blast! Thanks for sharing and letting me live vicariously!;)

Dawn Mercedes said...

Oh...you are leaving us all in suspsense! haha.