April 25, 2007

Tagged... a TON!

I know, I know, I am it!!! Oh the tagging... I can't keep up! A bunch of people have tagged me and not told me they tagged me... but I saw the posts on their blog; because I read so many! But because I read so many I forgot who they were! ARG! So please remind me if you tagged me and I will pimp your blogs in a later post! I feel bad for not posting a link out to you now.

But these two blogger buds both posted here this week on the same day; Anna Marie and Karrie. And I thank you both so very much. So many wonderful blogs out there now! I sure hope I didn't miss a "tagger"... just drop me a line if I did! :)

Now let me preface; I will not be "you're it" tagging out any blogs... I will just share them with you here and encourage you to check them out. I will also be doing something fun later this week to help introduce you all to TONS of crafty blogs out there in cyberland. Stay tuned!

I often worry that tagging people turns into a sort of "popularity contest" of bloggers... and when people don't get "tagged" I think they probably feel bad... it's like a blogger pecking order in a way... and I don't know how to be "PC" and still play along. I hope you all understand where I am coming from. Peace sisters... peace! (everyone hold hands now and sing please).

5 cool blogs...

Guess who started a blog... finally (just kidding Meg)! Waxyo, AKA Meg Shumaker, you know her, you love her, go show her some love.

One of my fave blogs is the "Misadventures of Mama and Jack". Her son is about my son's age and she has the sweetest vintage stuff to share. Plus her name is Sarah and I have never met a Sarah with an "H" I didn't like.

My pal Suzie and fellow Chicago Craft Collective Coordinator has a new blog; she's into all that cool Japanese felt mascot stuff. I love her sense of style and everything she creates is dripping in cute.

Red Velvet Art; Elsie Flannigan and Rachel Denbow are so darn cool it actually burns my retinas to view their blog, but I do it anyway.

And then there's Tadwords the Goods Maker; possibly the most adorable Poly-clay figures I have ever seen... plus awesome photography and interesting thoughts as well.



IamSusie said...

Thanks Sarah! I love your blog too!

Sarah and Jack said...

Wow, thank you! I was just checking my site stats and going what is happening here???