April 25, 2007

Guest Artist; Erika Martin!

How excited was I when Erika Martin and I started chatting about this guest stamper swap. I am a bit of a hippie at heart; so I think Erika is so darn cool; with her dreads... living in Vermont... Oh the life! She sent me this fantabulous card... made with the awesome set By Gina K. which you can buy HERE... $8 from each set goes to help Autism. Stamps for a cause rock! Of course you should be reading her blog; "Stampin' Mama" regularly... that goes without saying. And check out the beautiful card she sent me! I really need ot do more with charms on cards... I love that element. So vintage, but with a contemporary set; I love that juxtaposition of materials.

Erika and I sat down for a chat in my virtual living room... I think you'll enjoy this interview best if you picture us sitting in the old Dick Cavett Set... orange shag carpeting...etc. Cue the theme now... "da, da, da, da daaa daaa......"

Colors: Real Red and Kraft, Chipboard Letter (making memories), Patterned paper (Die Cuts with a View), Stamps (Love you to Pieces), ribbons, sandpaper, x-acto knife (to trim the paper to fit the chipboard).

Tell me a little bit about yourself and the important people in your life?
I’ve always been a New England girl. I was born in Rhode Island, my family moved to New Hampshire when I was 8, then moved to Pennsylvania when I was 16, then moved back to New England (Vermont, to be exact) when I was 19. I married my best friend, David (aka: Davy or Davycakes) when I was 20 and moved BACK to PA because that’s where he was from. I missed my beloved mountains and we moved to Vermont a year and a half after we got married. We’ve been here ever since (January of 1999). We’ll have our 10th anniversary in June. The two other important people in my life are my children. Zach just turned 8 and Elise (aka: Girly) just turned 7. They truly light up my life. I’ve always loved to create: paper crafts, paints, glue, fibers, etc. My hands have always loved being busy. Stamping seemed to melt right into my passion for creativity.

How long have you been stamping and how did you start with this art form?
I’ve been stamping since 2001. My mother-in-law introduced me to Stampin’ Up and before that, I hadn’t really picked up a stamp. I saw them in the craft stores and thought it was too expensive for me. Back in the 90s, there didn’t seem to be a whole lot going on with stamps and the techniques that are out there now just weren’t there back then, so I didn’t really see a need to get into it. When my MIL signed up with SU in Feb. of 2001, she was really excited about it and wanted me to see her catalog. I wasn’t interested and even remember saying something about not being interested nor was I going to buy anything and that I didn’t plan on getting into it. I took a catalog home with me just to humor here and it was all over from there on out. It was a 7+ hour ride home and I couldn’t get my nose out of the catalog. I decided at that point that I wanted to sign up. I don’t think my MIL expected that and my husband thought it would only last 3-6 months. 6 years and 3 cruises later, I’m still here. Stamping has opened my world in ways I never thought it could. I’m here to stay.

What is your favorite stamp or stamp set?
I definitely go back and forth when it comes to stamps and sets. I tend to gravitate to sets that have elements of nature in them, sets with doodles in them, sets with Old World flavor, anything vintage. Right now, one of my favorite sets is the “Love you to pieces” set by GinaK Designs. This set holds a special place in my heart, as Gina and I collaborated on this set together and it supports a cause that is close to my heart. This set (which I used in the card I swapped with Sarah) helps to support Autism Speaks… my son, Zach, is autistic, and it meant more to me than I think Gina knows that she jumped on board with this cause and turned one of my dreams into reality. (GINA ROCKS!)

As far as a stamp goes, I’m in love with the Eiffel tower collage stamp by Tuscan Rose….which you can see by going HERE. Patty is an amazing artist and I ADORE her work.

What is your favorite color combination?
I’ve heard that people have favorite color combinations that change on a regular basis. For me, though, that hasn’t happened in a LONG time. My all time favorite (going on a few years now) is Mellow Moss, Bashful Blue and Creamy Caramel. These colors remind me of the ocean, which is one of my favorite places to be. This color combo can instantly soothe me.

What is one tool that you can't live without?
Other than my paper trimmer, which is a given, I’ve found that I can’t live without my distressing tool, which is on the Cutter Kit from Stampin’ Up. I’m almost worried that I’ve worn this little puppy out. There’s 7 blades on the distressing tool, but I’ve given them all a good work out. I find that I’m using this little handy-dandy tool on almost every project I make these days. ;)

What is one technique that you tend to use over and over again?
Swiping. I LOVE to swipe my ink pads across my cardstock. Edges, corners, the entire card. If it’s there, I’ll swipe it. The texture this gives to my cardstock makes me incredibly happy.

What do you do to find your creative groove?
Music: Give me some good music and I’m usually set to go. My favorites to pull out while I’m designing are reggae, Peter, Paul & Mary, Queen, Jack Johnson and anything African or Celtic.
Food: Mix York Peppermint Patties or creamed corn with any of those music choices and I’m DEFINITELY set to go. Books: I love to look at books and magazines with travel pictures and old architecture in them. These usually get me in the groove to create, as well.

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chelemom said...

Erika is so talented! What a great card! I checked out your blog, you have some nice work too!