March 22, 2007

Quick post; and a Bit of Nostalgia...

Hey all! I am so busy getting ready for the Splitcoaststamper Illinois Gathering (a shoebox swap for 80 people) that I've had NO TIME to stamp! But stay tuned; I have an awesome contest coming soon, an online Garage sale of retired stuff to sell, new stuff to trade, AND a bunch of other fun stuff! Wait till you see the list of vendors that donated AWESOME prizes for this event! I am still so overwhelmed by the generosity. I hope some of you will attend our next event... maybe in September???

But if you are desperate for stamping and creative stuff, be sure to visit Craft Critique this week. We are having a great contest which I expect some of you to enter!

Off Subject:
I am brainlessly watching Grease 2 as I write this... what a stupid movie. I still can't believe they tried to make a sequel of the best movie ever made... I think I actually LIKED this movie as a kid...yikes! Did you know one of the Pink Ladies in G2 (Babette) was played by Liza Minnelli's Sister Lorna Luft? Wacky!

Here are some Classic song lyrics from Grease 2 that will make you spray your morning coffee all over your laptop...

From Who's That Guy: "He wears a pair of goggles like a man from outer-space, it really doesn't matter that I haven't seen his face".

From Cool Rider: "I want a whole lot more than the boy next door,I want hell on wheels. Just give me a fine motorcycle, With a man growin' out of the seat."

From Reproduction: "Reproduction, reproduction! Put your pollen tube to work. Reproduction, reproduction! Make my stamen go berserk."

And really, you should just read this whole stupid song; "Let's Do it For Our Country".

Do you believe this movie came out the same year as ET? Feeling old yet? Where were YOU in 1982? I was in the 5th grade; dancing to "Let's Get Physical", wearing kelly green terrycloth pants, a matching headband (wore over the forehead), a pink polo shirt (collar up) and matching Kangaroo's. Hello Kitty was proudly displayed on my lunch box. I spent most of my time dancing/lip-syncing in the mirror or trading/admiring my sticker collection... remember how the puffy ones and the scratch and sniffs were always traded at a higher exchange rate?

Some things never change I suppose. I still love ET, Hello Kitty and stickers... plus I actually own and wear a pair of Kelly Green terrycloth pants! I am a total nerd.


Melissa said...

Oh my gosh those lyrics are nuts! Were they serious about that. Crazy! I was actually being born in 1982 but now I'm sitting here in my house with my child. Such a weird feeling all of a sudden.

Kalyber said...

you really know how to make a girl feel OLD. I was a junior in HS in 1982 fretting through calculus and crushing on a guy from Junior Acheivement.

Jen said...

hahaha I was a year old in '82 so I don't remember those trends, but I was definitely a child of the 80s!!!

Nancy said...

Yeah...let's hear it for the 80's! We're not nerds are we?
~Nancy Grant

Anonymous said...

Well, now that I feel OLD, I was in the 5th grade too. My umbrella was Hello Kitty and my lunchbox was Heathcliff the Cat. Wow that was a quick rush back in time. Thanks for the memory! :) ~Angela

Donna said...

I was in the 8th grade and I still have the Let's Get Physical vinyl album! Oh, and the Grease (#1) vinyl album.