January 21, 2007

What I Did While YOU Watched the Playoffs

Firstly; know this... I was going around today referring to the game today as "The Superbowl", I just found out that I am a nut... and sports illiterate! The Bears won I guess... but I don't really care. I only wonder if there will be a new "Superbowl Shuffle". Ah... memories of Middle School!

While you were eating wings and shouting at your TV, I was doing math! You might be thinking... "But Sarah, math has nothing to do with stamping.. and besides, you hate math!", and you'd be correct. But ribbon doesn't sell itself, and Sell-a-bration is almost 1/2 way over and I have yet to even host a workshop! I'm not complaining mind you, but mama needs some free stamps... and I know YOU want some SAB stamp sets. Plus; sometimes I just feel like giving stuff away. I am just that nice. (*wink*) So I figured out an awesome ribbon Club for my customers! (demonstrators... email me and I'll be happy to share my math with you! lol!)

Stampin' Up! Ribbon in a big glorious pile! This could be yours!

So anyways; I can't discuss all the details here; but you can call me, email me (see the little box on the right?) or just look HERE at my Demonstrator website for all the specifics.

1 comment:

Danita said...

Sarah, you crack me up!! I'm soooo not a sports person either! Thank goodness I'm not the only one out there! :)
And, btw, 2 weeks till the 'real' Super Bowl. hehehe