October 9, 2008

Think Before You Speak

In case you haven't seen it yet... This is awesome.

Go HERE to read more.


-C said...

Thanks for posting this! Yesterday I was trying to figure out how I could really get my students to recognize the problem with this phrase. Now I have some great visual options.

Nan and B.A.G.S. the pug said...

hmm... that really makes you think. Thanks for bringing the PSA to my attention.

Kari C said...

Great post....I went through all of them-sad people don't realize how much words hurt.


sandra said...


stampylisa said...

actually what offends me more is people who toss around the phrase that ends in "i could just shoot myself"
That really peeves me and upsets me, being a suicide survivor of my brother's death by suicide. People really ought to chew on their words a little bit before spitting them out and consider what they may say be really offensive to the mental health of others........ok, stepping off my soapbox now.....This issue also offends those in the LBGT community as many of them struggle w/mood disorders as a result of them not fitting in. Using the terminology per the campaign can have a detrimental effect on youth who are already having trouble fitting in.