August 22, 2008

Happy Accident

Ever make a page or a card... post it online... read the comments and then learn something new about your work? That's what happened with this layout; a little something I made for Category Stories. Many of the comments I received talked about the patterns, and the dots... and how cool it was that they all matched. Totally NOT planned! then I realized how many dots were in the papers, ribbons and letters I chose for this layout... a completely happy accident!

So check it out....

Dots in the clouds, dots on the sun rays, dots in the letters, dots on the ribbon... dots, dots dots! My only "concept" with this layout was the layers; from the bottom it's sand, water, sunshine and sky... but the reason it seems to "work" is because of the dots that pull it all together!

Who knew!

1 comment:

Martha Bonneau said...

It's because you are a genius that things like that just happen :)