February 3, 2008

My New Theme...

Fun music by The Dollyrots.

I hope you know I am kidding... but "my brain is really supersized"... my other fave line; "I don't need you, cause I'm neat-o".



Melissa Norris said...

Thats well....awesome!

AnneMarie said...

well said..
you are a leader
you are awesome!

Martha Bonneau said...

Tee-hee....this makes me gigtgle :)

Sharon in NE said...

Based upon your "theme" and the cards I see here, I'm subscribing to your blog.

Stefani said...

Ok that was cool. I like that the theme was very uplifting and positive. So many songs today are angry and put others or themselves down.

My favorite line, "I’m naturally deodorized"