September 10, 2007

Pimpin' My Peeps... and a Contest!

You remember my friend Shannon the Jewelry Artist right? Well I thought it'd be fun if we could all help her out with a little contest. She needs a new name for her growing, successful jewelry business. She used to specialize in adorable holiday bracelets... and personalized name bracelets... and she will still be making those. Here a couple pics from her current Etsy Shop... Aren't they adorable! Buy then now so you are ready for Halloween! :)

but now look at her NEW work! Isn't it gorgeous! So soft and pretty... just beautiful!

So Shannon needs us to help her with a new name! This new jewelry is made with Hill Tribe Silver from Thailand. You can read more about what that means HERE.

Words Shannon likes include; Organic, Natural, Simple, Nature, Raw, Earth... but feel free to think beyond this.

Post your ideas here... I will keep the contest open until this Wednesday at midnight CST... we will announce a winner next week. IF Shannon uses your idea she will have a special prize for you. I will take ALL the entries and enter them into a random drawing (one entry per suggestion). The winner will receive a free Papercrafting Kit similar to those I will be posting in MY new Etsy Shop being revealed later this week (don't look for it YET... it's not ready!)

So start thinking... and thanks for helping out Shannon!


Jana Weaver said...

Ok...LOVE the jewelry over there and may have to make a purchase or two!

A few name ideas:
Nature's Beauty Beads
Beads from Nature
Simply Natural Beads

Ok...I'll keep thinking! Good luck!!


Angel Wilde said...

Simply Shannon
Nature's Treasures
Simple Treasures
Rock Candy
Delicately Yours
Silver Earth
Thats all I've got....Good luck. And awesome jewelry!

ckemling said...

Wow. Great jewelry. How about:

Shannon's Simple Wonders
Shannon's Natural Wonders
Simply Wonderful
Shannon's Naturally Wonderful Jewelry

Good luck, can't wait to see what you pick.

Reality Show Reject said...

Raw Beauty

Pattyjo said...

"The Elegant Jewel"

scfranson said...

Love your blog. Here are my name suggestions:
Earth Jewels
Shannon's Earth Jewels
Nature's Jewels
Wild Earth Jewelry
Earth, Wind and Fire Jewelry Company


Ann said...

"Natural Goods"

Or if Shannon is a mom or even if she's not, how about "Earth Mother's Gems"?


canben said...

How about "Nature's Natural Treasures"

Lastel/STAMPINSTEL said...

She has some very pretty things on her site !

How about :
Shannons Treasures From Nature
Treasures From Nature

CAKVD said...

Hi! Here's mine:

Hill Tribe Beads
Nature's Bounty
Earth Treasures
Organic Treasures from the Earth
Beads of the Earth
Cheryl KVD

Cathy said...

This is a fun contest! I just love the jewelry, it's so classy.

A few ideas I came up with is:

Creative Silver

Crafty Silver

Nature Shiny Silver

Thanks for a chance.

Rhonda said...

I love the new silver jewelry line, very beautiful.

My ideas:

Bodacious Beads
Naturally Yours
Nature's Jewel Box
Simply Jewels
My Sister's Jewel Box
Bountiful Beads
Divine Design
Originally Yours
From the Earth Jewelry
Nature's Inspirations
Dragonfly Designs

Best wishes.

jodene said...

Very pretty jewelery.
Shannon's Organic Naturals or
Simply Natural. Thanks for the chance!

Marlou said...

beautiful beads
beauty from nature

must pop over for a nosey xx

Ijsbeer said...

Breath of Nature
Organic Beauty
Silver Mountain
Tribe treasures
Nature's spirit
Simple Dreams
Silver Dreams

Beautiful Jewelry!! Love the dragon fly necklace!

Betty said...

KAFA Treasures
KAFA Jewelery
Nature's Beauty
Ethnic World Jewlery
Ethnic Treausres
Jelwery Store Oasis

HeyHeyPaula said...

Beautiful jewelry. How about:

Natural Beauty Creations
Earth's Natural Creations
Earth's Unique Creations
Heavenly Creations
Nature's Gems
Essence of Nature
Kaleidoscope Kreations

Mary Campbell said...

My ideas:
Shannon's Earthy Creations
Shannon's Nature Creations
Hill Tribe Bounty
Nature Creations by Shannon
Shannon's Silver Creations
Shannon's Hill Tribe Beadery
Shannon's Earthy Beadery

Hope this sparks some ideas.

Tina Suzan said...

How about..

Simply Ti
S. Ti Jewels
Hill Ti's Nature
Hill Ti's Natural Silver
Shannon's of the Earth

Beautiful jewelry...wonderful reason for buying the silver from Thailand (karens)

Good Luck!!!
In Peace & Lauaghter,

Tina Suzan

amandavp said...

What a wonderful company, so much of someone's heart goes into those beads. Here are some names:
Heart of Hope
Heart of Hope Beads
Hope Rocks, Heart Rocks, Hope and Heart ROcks
Silver Hope Jewelry
The Silver Heart
Hope of Karen

Good luck to your friend. I hope she will be ver successful.

Julie S said...

SON Jewels or
SON Gems (Simple, Natural, Organic)

Mother Earth Gems (or)
Mother Earth Jewelry

Silver Oasis

lorrietori said...

Beautiful jewelry! The only name I can come up with is "Raw Emotion"

Anonymous said...

How about "The Silver Lining" as in "look for the silver lining", an old, old song.

Her jewelry is so unique.

Love you,

melissa roth said...

Beautiful jewelry! My name suggestion is:

Silver My-Thai

dasimonds said...

Very Beautiful Jewelry !!
okay I'm thinking....hmmmmmm

1) Life's simple Treasures
2) Natural Treasures
3) Beyond Nature
4) Basically Beautiful
5) Earthwork Treasures
6) Earth Bound treasures
7) Earthward Treasures
8) Products of Nature
9) Earth's Treasured Jewels
10) Stone Treasures
11) Jeweled Treasures
12) Beauty from Nature
13) Stones of Nature

Anonymous said...

Very Pretty!!

A few ideas:
Nature's Silver
Naturally Yours

Good luck!! ;)

Karen said...

How about Simple Elegance?