August 16, 2007

Furoshiki... Japanese Fabric Folding... Very Green!

I am making a larger effort to be GREEN! We replaced many of our light bulbs with compact fluorescents, bought a share in a local Organic Co-op farm, and bought reusable groccery bags for a start. In my research of crafty greenness... I have discovered Furoshiki... or Japanese Fabric Folding as a green way to wrap gifts and transport items.

You can find basic instructions on Furoshiki HERE... and if you do a Google Image search for Furoshiki Wrapping you can see some amazing examples of the results.

As I understand this art form, traditional fabrics and cloths of a typical size are used. But I think it'd be cool to try some vintage dishtowels, hankies or even bandannas. Imagine wrapping a cookbook in a vintage embroidered dishtowel for a gift, a small jewelry box in a vintage hankie... or a baby gift in handmade flannel receiving blanket! Cuteness! I think I will also try to make some large cloths to carry as emergency totes. They'd be convenient to carry as they'd be so small... and I think I could fashion some out of fabric remnants edged in bias tape.... stay tuned!


Nan and B.A.G.S. the pug -aka Aine said...

So loved the meetup yesterday and I adored the Furoshiki and your tutorial! You are an amazing instructor!

I too have replaced the lightbulbs in the vast majority in my house. However, it erks me to no end that they have not made the lights for the motion detector over the drive way!!!

PS - next meet up is it at borders or portillos? It says both in the meetup~! Thanks and Hugs!

IamSusie said...

Nan and B.A.G.S. the pug -aka Aine-
Isn't Sarah a great MeetUp leader? Our next meeting is at the same Portillos. I'll have to find where it says Borders and delete it. We haven't met there in a LONG time.

Dana said...

I swear Sarah, you and I would get along quite well!
I've been wrapping gifts in fabric for a few years now, but I've never known there was a fancy way to do it! I can't wait to check out this book. Thanks.
Also we've been a share-member of our Organic CSA farm for 5 years now and would be LOST without all our fresh produce each week. I wish everyone could sample what local organic farms can offer.
Two years ago for Christmas, I gave every friend and family member 10 reuasable canvas shopping bags (I bought a HUGE share of them online), and they still tell me that it was the best gift they ever received.
Even though I still get funny looks here in red-neck-ville NY when I shop, I would NEVER go back to "Paper or Plastic".
Keep being GREEN!!!!

PJ said...

Sarah, How neat! I love the idea of the cookbook gift, wrapped in a dish towel. I'm always looking for new hostess gift ideas.

Love you 3!

Tandra said...

LOVE the wrapping instructions and the Google list!! My friends that craft many times get a gift wrapped in fabric, or my fave vintage hankies!

Anonymous said...

I would definitely love to support the local farmers and participate in the organic co-op markets. Do you know how I could find out if there is one in northern-california ? I live in the SF-bay area.