July 7, 2007

Tagged Twice!

Well it happened... I was tagged. By Anna and Jen (cool blogs to peek at as well!). It's a cute one... and I haven't chatted about myself in a while. So here goes nothing.

7 random things about me...

1. I have 4 tattoos. I got the first one when I was 17 and the last one when I was 28. I love them all and don't regret them one bit. I would love more.

2. I used to have my belly button pierced... and that I do regret (hello pregnancy!). I do have my conch pierced and my rook and don't be afraid to click those links... they are ear piercings... get your heads out of the gutter ladies! :)

3. I lived in Sedona/Cottonwood Arizona for 2 years where I worked as a volunteer Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) . So much for Art School!

4. If I ever go back to college/work I would seriously consider studying Mortuary Science. I think it's fascinating and would be challenging and enriching career choice. Plus I feel like there aren't enough alternative funeral services available.

5. I am usually in my pajamas. I change into them as SOON as I walk in the door. I am really uncomfortable walking around my house in street clothes. My preference; Old T-shirts and men's pajama bottoms (I steal my DH's).... and I sometimes have to sleep with my PJ's on inside out... cause I am like the Princess and the Pea and super sensitive to tags and elastic waist bands.

6. I was a vegetarian for over 10 years. Then I got pregnant and started to crave/eat meat. My husband still is a vegetarian and we mostly eat veggie around the house. That being said; I had a steak for dinner tonight.

7. The first 45 I ever owned was Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody. I played it on my Raggedy Ann Record Player.

Ok... Now you think I am a total wack-o... right?

I am really bad about tagging out... so I think I will tag ALL of the reporters for Craft Critique.


Anna said...

Thank you so much for taking part in the tag and your kind comment on my blog.

Anna xx

Heather said...

Thanks Sarah... I even got my 7 things posted!

Lorie said...

I have a tattoo, too! I would love to have another but DH doesn't like them. Can you tell we didn't meet until after I got the first one? Interesting and fun stuff on your list!

Jan Scholl said...

While I dont have any tattoos-but want a Star trek one-I am a veggie now for over 30 years and do not serve any animals in my house-other than hubby the slug. Just the smell of meat cooking in an eatery sends me flying out the door sometimes. Hubby knows where Outback and Wendy's are but I have fooled others with my veggie fare.