July 16, 2007

Busy as a Bee!

I am so darn busy these days! I am working on so many projects... getting ready for CHA... and an upcoming trip to San Francisco... it's just crazy round these parts! Looks like the cool giveaway I had planned will have to wait until August... we will call it an Anniversary Celebration! (one year of blogging! WOWZA!)

So I want to know... who is going to CHA? Let's meet up! Post here if you are going... or email me... I will try to decide a little meeting place for everyone to meet on Friday and Saturday... just for a quick "hello" at least! If you are working a booth tell me where/who!

Also... as I mentioned... I am planning a trip to San Francisco! Whoo Hoo! I NEED to know where I should shop! What artsy, crafty, paper, stamping, scrapping, or otherwise uber-cool stores must I visit? I will have a car... so I can travel... I am staying near Berkley. I'd love some tips!

Also any off-the beaten-path tourist stops? I have been to San Fran before... so I am not looking for the Alcatraz... Fisherman's Warf type stuff... but some of the less known must see places. Keep in mind I am traveling with my Grandmother and a 3 year old... so we are not up for a Drag-Show (too bad)... but we do all like great food, nature, arts... unique shops... that type of thing... Kid friendly stuff for my Hubby and son to do while we shop... etc. Any and all ideas would be appreciated!

Thanks all!

I will have some great stuff to share with you soon... just gotsta catch up with some projects! :)


SpAzzGiRL said...

I'll be walking around CHA Friday and probably Saturday too, depends on how much I see Friday.
Maybe we'll bump into each other!

Allison said...

For SF, I like the following:

http://www.filoli.org/ (Must do!)

Go to Twin Peaks for a view of the city. Take a tour of the city hall (it has the largest cupola in the States outside of the White House). Go to the MOMA (I used to work in that part of the city...it's close to Giants Stadium too). Go to Golden Gate Park for some beautiful gardens (including the Japanese Tea garden).

I like to visit the following streets for shopping and people watching...

Castro: http://www.sfgate.com/listings/venuegroup.php?shopping,g40

Fillmore: http://www.sfgate.com/listings/venuegroup.php?shopping,g42

North Beach (The Beat Generation/Little Italy): http://sfgate.com/traveler/guide/sf/neighborhoods/nb.shtml

There are some really cool walking tours of the city. I did one with a historical theme about the Old Barbary Coast. They explained about the streets, the architecture and the personalities during the city's early development.

If you go farther afield, go to University Ave. in Palo Alto, First Street in Los Altos or Main Street in Pleasanton for some yummy restaurants. If you want outlet malls, go to Gilroy (quite south but good if you are planning to visit the Redwoods on the way to Monterey)...plus, it just happens to be the garlic capital of the States!

P.S. Don't go to the Tenderloin (or anywhere south of Market) after dark to avoid the weirdos...

Kathy said...

Hey girl,
I'm in the Bay Area and love The City (as we call SF around here). I work in Berkeley as well. Email me at kathat@pacbell.net and I'll give you things to do.

Anonymous said...

You mustgo to Poppy fabrics (either in Berkeley or Oakland--check the East Bay phonebook) There are also the normal venues like Paper Source, Flax, and Dick Blick in the city. I grew up in SF and visit regularly so if you need reataurants email me. I would take an hour or two-- visit the Palace of Finew Arts, walk across Marina Blvd. and walk along Crissy Field. They've done a great job restoring the wetlands and on a day like today the view of the bay, Marin, and the Golden Gate Bridge are breathtaking. You can even rent bikes there. Betsy theaker@mac.com