May 18, 2007

A*muse*a*palooza Update!

There is so much happening on the A*muse*a*palooza blog I can barely keep up! A really cute guessing game AND a New Challenge with a sketch! I am so impressed with all the amazing stuff they are giving away... and there is still so much more to come! Be sure you are registered so you have a chance to win some cool stuff! Tell 'em Sarah Moore sent ya!

A*muse*a*palooza 2007 fun fact: When you visit the A*muse*a*palooza Blog, note the list of potential Ambassadors... 28 terricfic stampers... and four of them named Sarah, and all of them with an "h". No other name is duplicated either! Isn't that weird? I should add; I never met a "Sarah-with-an-h" that I didn't like. :)

I have been so busy working on some other projects (involving copious amounts of glitter!) that I haven't had much time to play along with all the fun this week... but tomorrow night I should have some new stuff to check out. Meanwhile; the A Muse swap I am hosting is almost full! I added an ATC swap too... so go join up... lots of great stampers participating! Come play with us!


1 comment:

Connie said...

My mom is a Sarah-with-an-H, and she is also the coolest. I have to agree, it is all about the H.