April 2, 2007

Will You Still Love Me?

Hi gals! I know you are all still having fun with the contest... You have till midnight tonight to enter! This afternoon I PROMISE to post some pictures. I need to be a Mommy all morning; but When Anderson goes for his nap I will post away! I know all you SCS Gathering ladies are eager to see all the pics!

Meanwhile; I want to show you the AWESOME card Nichole Heady stamped for EVERY SINGLE attendee... because she rocks... seriously rocks.

Boy I wish I could sell a few more SU! stamps this month so I could buy MORE stamps from Papertrey Ink. This is such a sickness!

So here is Why Nichole is a genius; don't you LOVE how the layout mimics the shape/colors of the strawberry? So clever. And the latch she created with what looks like the Window Word Punch from Stampin' Up! I so dig that latch... looks to me like she punched the flap, and then took a craft blade and made two little slits in the under-layer to create the strip to slide the paper clip on. So you just remove the clip, and the green layer lifts up to open the card.

I am so CASEing that concept... it's so sharp! I still can't get over that she made 90 of these babies! One for each goodie bag! (and yes; if you win the contest you will get one!) She even signed the back! :)


Allison said...

Wow...I like that card and its concept...this would make a super CASE!

Sharon Jacobs said...

I love the card that Nichole made. She is very creative and talented. But so are you. I love your blog.

kimk said...

Whoa! I'm still trying to grasp how this was done. I love it but think I ma unable to even case it till I read your directions a dozen more times. Kimk

April Jones said...

This is awesome!! I would love to know how it was done!!

mjb coffee said...

Cute! Cute! I have wanted a clip bookmark and just haven't found an opportunity to purchase the paper clips.

Denise said...

I love this too. Hope we get to figure it out, or have the recipe!
Thanks for helping me out.