April 23, 2007

Pursue Your Art Purse Class Discount Pack!

Lookee at what my friends Mary and Erin at Pursue Your Art came up with! A Purse Class Discount Plan! So now you can have a cool class your friends/customers and get your purses from them for a song! It's a great idea, and a great product... and I tell you about it only because I know these gals and honestly LIKE them. You will not be disappointed with the product or the service, and I think a class like this is a GREAT idea!

What, you aren't a demo? Well... tell your demo about Purse Your Art, and tell her you'd go to a class if she has one! (and tell me if you'd come to mine... I'd sure consider it if I get enough responses! Demo's welcome too of course! :)

I brought this purse to convention last year and the ladies when NUTS for it! Oh How I miss these papers! :(


Colleen Schaan said...

I have one of these that I have yet to decorate! I was thrilled with the customer service too.

PURSuE Your Art! said...

Thanks Sarah for spreading the word! Very much appreciated:)

Erin & Mary