February 17, 2007

Did you win?

I selected the three winners for the "Why I am a Dork" give-away! I used a very scientific process to choose the winners that involved asking my 2 year old to yell "STOP" while I scrolled up and down with my mouse... eyes closed! It just seems silly to print out all the names... or whatever else people do to give away Blog Candy. Heck, I'm not givin' away diamonds here, and you all trust me right? Thanks for playing everyone!

The winners are...


Ladies... email me your addresses... I have something fun to send!


AnneMarie said...

you just crack me up!
can't wait to play again! I need to do a blog give away.. give me a week to come up with something!

crazy4mycrafts said...

YAY! I won! I won! This is so much fun!! Thank you Sarah! I so enjoy reading your blog. Keep up with the fantastic work! Its on my favorites list! I sent you my addy in a private email. :)

Anonymous said...

Cool, I won!!! Thank you! I love reading your blog. It's one I check in on daily! :)

Anonymous said...

you might like to check out this free site- its a random number generator program. you dont have to download anything, just use it at this link. put in the pick x numbers between 1-x. it works great for blog candy giveaways! Of course not as fun as playing with your son ;) mnhyrkas at SCS