February 4, 2007

Blogger Valentines :: 2 of 5

Before we talk Valentines, let's talk RIBBON! Stampin' Up! has the best ribbon EVER... and you can get a whole box full (225 yards) from me! Email me NOW for the details on how to join my Ribbon Club or view my Specials on my Stampin' Up! Website for more info. Club space is limited so contact me today... I would love to help you get your hands on ALL of the Ribbon that Stampin' Up! has to offer!

Now back to my blogger buddies! I have three cards for you all today!

First up we have this FAB card by Erika Martin (aka Sunshine Mama) ... Erika is such a great artist; and a total "Technique Queen!" She actually featured this "Double Resist" technique on her blog back in the beginning of January. This picture does NOT do this card justice. It's all sorts of shiny, and it she did a great job with the layers... raising one heart on two dimensionals to give it extra POW! Be sure to visit Erika's Blog "Erika Martin Designs" for the specifics on this card and to learn that cool resist technique! Erika is also planning a feature on little ole' me in the coming weeks... and I will be featuring HER! We are working on a little fun Q and A to make the whole thing extra entertaining. Stay tuned for more on my fave hippy stamper!

I need to tell you... I was so excited when Michelle said she would participate in this swap. Among us "B List" Rubber Stamp bloggers Michelle is the Blogging Queen. You can visit her blog "Ink Artist" for proof. She has almost 5 years of archives for you to sift through! Like Michelle; I hadn't yet mounted this set; "Much Love"... but this card changed my mind about it. Don't you love the glittery heart? I also really like the hemp with the beaded embellishment. It really helps to create a nice balance between the collage style of the card and the romantic "valentineyness" (new word) of it.

Be sure to look at Michelle's SCS gallery HERE, Michelle is SCS Dirty Dozen Alumni... so she is officially stamping royalty. She also rocks; and not just because she wears a cool hat... but because she is a wonderful artist who still takes the time to answer my cat related questions!

Something you should know about Amanda Sewell... her handwriting is as neat as a pin. Seriously, she should start a business hand addressing wedding invites. Her handwriting is so lovely she should never have to purchase a sentiment stamp for any of her cards. If you are a stamp designer... well, you might want to consider hiring her to design some sentiment stamps for you. I am so serious.

Don't you love this card? First of all; you can't go wrong with black and pink. Secondly; I love the black lipstick kisses! Sort of punky... very "hep", yes "hep" with an "E". This paper by Diecuts with a view is super cute as well... and the faux stitching; well, you just can't go wrong!

Be sure to look at Amanda's blog; INKSPIRATIONS. Not only does she have cute stamped stuff... but tasty recipes! Yum!

Stay tuned for more adorable valentines!


Amanda said...

Thanks for posting my valentine on your blog and for your sweet comments! Would you believe I never write on the outside of my cards. I seriously think my handwriting is a mess! I am so flattered. You are not the first person to say I have awesome writing, but I still just don't see it! Thanks again for doing this swap! Are you planning on an easter swap for all of us out in blog land . . . or maybe a summer swap?

Sarah Moore said...

SERIOUSLY???? OK... maybe I need to SHARE your pretty handwriting with my readers so you can get some feedback there...

Re the swap; If I do a swap it'll be LATE spring... I am so swamped right now!