January 11, 2007

My Cruel Husband

Pretend you are reading this on December 26th... it'll be funnier.

Check out what I got for Christmas... it's a "cutter-bug" and a box of wrapped bricks.... "That's what you wanted right honey, a cutter-bug?" said Rick... the geek-trickster husband. You must also know that darling hubby once crafted his very own Tiffany Blue Box for My birthday and filled it with a bracelet right from the grocery gumball machine... he thinks he's funny.

Lucky for us he did come through. I *heart* my Cuttlebug completely, and my husband too. Any man who will venture unescorted into Joanne's and ask for a "Cuttlebug" is the man for me. He even used a coupon... (*sigh*) I could just melt! And to quell any other concerns you might have; he also came through with the Tiffany box for my birthday that year. Thanks honey, you rock! And for those of you who do NOT have Cuttlebug fever...stay tuned... I have plans for this baby.


Nancy said...

Your husband has a wonderful sense of humour LOL!

Kendra aka Scrapstampindiva said...

you lucky girl! i can't wait to get mine - but it isnt coming until my birthday - in march! that's a long time lol well my dad usually gives me my stuff early. I sooooo want it now! :)

Kathy said...

That is way too funny! Your dh has a great sense of humor :-) I'd strangle mine if he did that because he wouldn't be trying to be funny ;-)

Anonymous said...

That's so funny...sounds like my DH. I've always joked that I want a 3 karat diamond ring to replace my engagement ring. So, one year he wrapped a chopped up carrot with my SU wire...layering the 3 pieces of carrot on top of each other and a wire ring base to "make" a 3 karat ring!


Colleen said...

I would love the joke gifts! Well, that is as long as he follows through with the real thing! :-)

Gina K. said...

LOL, Sarah! You are too funny! Great blog! I love your sense of humor!
Gina K.