January 18, 2007

Failed Craft

Aren't these sweet!

My friend and fellow Chicago Craft Collective member Melanie Silver made these cute little beads... out of even SMALLER beads. At the CCC meetings we take turns leading the others in a craft; and we all loved Melanie's beads so much we asked her to be the instructor this week.

Melanie took so much time packaging up all the beads; and even ran off some great instructions for us. When CCC member Martha Bonneau (Pug fan and Super Scrapper) and I first saw the instructions we were overwhelmed. "This looks like Math... I quit" said Martha.

It all fell apart from there. I mean, we could barely thread the required ridiculously thin needles... it was insane! Basically we gave up, and decided it was worth the $3.00 just for the realization that we should not invest more time or money into beading. I at least got a layer of the bead done, but with TONS of help. Regardless, we did have a blast! Thanks Melanie!

You can read Martha's take on the beading fiasco on her awesome blog Mugsy Boo. Please don't neglect to check out her killer scrap pages. She only scraps about her photogenic Pugs... or at least as far as I know. She also makes very cuddly Felt Puggies. I don't know Martha too well yet; just that she is very talented and likes good music.

My Failed Bead


Donna said...

I love how you have the needle through your bead attempt as if killing it! Hopefully, I will be able to blog about my attempt this weekend after my company leaves. It was a really great learning experience with a very patient teacher.

Caroline said...

hmmm, I don't know... looks kind of like a neat pomegranate! :P

Sounds like loads of fun, though!

Martha Bonneau said...

I love your commentary on your failed bead! I have been embarased to post mine up but now that I see you have had the courage I am off to take pics of my fiasco!

Susie said...

Well.. needlecrafting is sort of my thing, so my bead was a success and I've made 3 more at home. Our patient teacher had a big group to teach. Her beads really are awesome!

I'm thinking of making one in Chicago Bears colors now that they are going to the SuperBowl!