January 8, 2007

12 Reasons Why You Should Register for Splitcoaststampers

When I posted the registration form and details about the latest Illinois Splitcoaststampers Gathering I received several emails that asked some very sensible questions...

"Hey Sarah, I can already get to the Splitcoaststampers forums and galleries now and I'm not registered... what does registering get me?" and "last year you didn't require that we were registered Splitcoast Members to attend. Why now?"

GREAT questions! I am excited to tell you why I think you should become a registered member at Splitcoaststampers. Please feel free to leave your OWN reasons why YOU love Splitcoaststampers in the comments below.

1. It's free!

2. Splitcoaststampers has over 107,133 registered members to date, and over 70,000 who actively contribute to the community.

3. Registering shows the Splitcoast Team that you have an interest in the topics and artwork shared.

4. Registering helps give potential advertisers a "head count" of users which can in turn help the Marketing team increase advertising and thus monetary support to the super hard working Splitcoaststamper Team!

5. Registering allows you to give back to all the artists who's work you enjoy! Leaving comments for those creations you like really helps show the artists some love! It's like a big Cyber-Hug!

6. You can finally give back to what you have been freely given; it's just good Karma!

7. You will benefit from being an active part of this creative community. Splitcoaststampers' members are a creative, gracious, sharing bunch.

8. It's nice to be able to post a "Thank You!" in a thread when you have read something that will help you with your stamping! Members love it when you let them know that their contributions are helping to make YOU a better stamper!

9. Membership allows you to join really fun "Special User Groups" like the Demo Only forums, Stamp out Fat, Stampin' Flybabies (for all you neat-nicks... not me), and the "RAK" or Random act of Kindness and "Secret Sibling" groups. TRUST me...if you ARE a demonstrator the Demo Only Group is great when it's 2 AM and you can't call your upline with a question!

10. Membership to the Demo Only user group allows you access to "The SUB"; a special demo only gallery with great workshop ideas, hostess gifts, and business tools!

11. Registering gives you the opportunity to join the FAN CLUB! For only $24.95 a year you can see the incredible creations of the Splitcoast Dirty Dozen Design team! And believe me; it's worth every penny! Plus you will be able to view Dirty Dozen Creations all the way back to July of 2004! That should keep you busy!

12. Without Splitcoaststampers there would BE no Illinois SCS gathering!

To further address the issue of why I am requiring participants to be registered SCS 'er members for this next event; well the biggest reason is because Splitcoast is allowing us to use their bandwidth and thriving community to promote the event. It is after all a Splitcoaststamper Event... not a Stampin' Up! event. We couldn't do this without them, so I feel like the least we can do is give them back some registration love.

I also understand how this might be impossible for some. I know PLENTY of stampers who are not Web-Savvy and we want them to come too... so if you or a stamping friend are unable to register for whatever reason; just contact me via Phone, Snail Mail or Homing Pigeon and we will work it out. No stamper will be left behind!

Stamping Fun For Everyone!


Anonymous said...

I like your Karma reason the best! It sounds like fun and I wish I could come - hey maybe you can come to Utah and organize one for us! tee hee

Daven said...

hi Sarah, great article and thanks for the kind words :^)

I would also add that much of the Splitcoast gallery is members-only, not just the area set aside for SU! Demos. if you're not a member you're actually missing out on a lot of what the gallery has to offer. registering takes about 10 seconds, we collect almost no personal information and we won't spam you.

it's pretty simple, we want you to register because you're more likely to get involved in the community if you register and become a "somebody" to the other Splitcoast members.

AnneMarie said...

look what I found... a comment from Daven! lol!
is this what you are talking about my crafty friend?? lol!
I agree- it is so worth it. I am not an SU! gal nor do I have many of their stamps- just 2 I think - a RAK from someone.. I have found some of the sweetest people there, great talent, willingness to share ideas without worrying someone was "stealing"... great community of gals!