December 1, 2006

Crafting with Amy Sedaris!

If you don’t know who Amy Sedaris is then please go find out… I placed a link to her fan site in my last post, and you can look up a list of her films and TV shows HERE.

Needless to say; I am a huge fan. During High School we used to go see Amy when she was in the Second City Cast in the Illinois Suburbs. Steven Colbert, Steve Carell, and Paul Dinello were also memorable cast members from this time, and we’d go at least one Friday night a month for the free improv nights at SCNW. I totally fell in love with Amy’s work when her “spit-milk-out-your-nose-funny” show Strangers with Candy was on the air; and realized she was the same cutsie gal (so unlike the character she plays) from Second City! Now I suppose I see her more on David Letterman than anywhere else… she is the new Teri Garr! (If you don’t get the Teri Garr comment then you aren’t old… congratulations!) She is completely hilarious and quirky. I (and all her fans) am convinced she’d be a great friend if we had only crossed paths in some different way… She’s just got that sort of relaxed nature that plays with your brain. Plus her Brother David Sedaris is an amazingly funny writer who writes mainly about his family… so if you’re a Sedaris Family fan; you feel like you know them all! I’m sure they both get all sorts of oddball fan mail; because seriously…if I didn’t think it was outrageously socially inappropriate I would be sending her vintage pot holders and aprons in the mail… But Amy; if for some reason you have found this post out here in cyberspace and you DO want the potholders… just email me girl! I will send them out ASAP… or some Rubber Stamps…or whatever you need in your crafting arsenal.

I hope I can talk about meeting Amy without sounding like a total dork… I was seriously giddy all the way home, and since I have “come down’ from my buzz, I only worry that I might have made a complete ass of myself….but I don’t care! I crafted with AMY!

I arrived at Borders books on Michigan Avenue at about 3:30… so it took like 90 minutes to get there… in the rain. There were like 7-8 “Amy-super-fans” already in waiting…and I was definitely the oldest one there…for a WHILE! But that’s fine; I learned a lot about “what the kids are listening to these days”…and also…VERY important to know; if you don’t have a MySpace page (like me), you are such a looser… or a lame-O or whatever the kids are saying. So fast forward to 7:00; Amy appears in a super cute dress; the same one she wore on Martha…and it’s reversible; so cool! She opens her short talk with a craft! Looks in the crowd for a volunteer…and yes folks, she PICKS ME!!! So what if I was like the annoying pushy bridesmaid who tackles old ladies and children for the bouquet… SO WHAT! Na-na-na-boo-boo! I had so much fun; I don’t remember much, as I was in a full blown glee haze… We made an “Eye Burrito”. In the book she suggests you keep it in the freezer during the summer; “Lean back with the eye burrito over your eyes and take a five minute siesta. The weight of the burrito will rejuvenate your eye sockets.” Of course she picked on me a bit as I tried to pour Pinto Beans into a pair of Panty hose (I suggest a funnel Amy!), and reminded the audience this would be a very dangerous craft to do with the elderly; as they could slip on the beans. She also talked about her appearance on Martha Stewart… referring to Martha as “him”. I did tell her that her Brother David was involved in telling my mother I was pregnant (a yet longer story for another post)… she asked if I was actually pregnant…and yes I was… and a moment later she asked me in her Jeri Blank voice “So, did you keep the baby?”

She followed then with a short “Q and A” (that’s Hollywood talk for Question and Answer), and then signed autographs (see picture below). What a great time! Thanks Amy!

Amy examines my "scissors" pin and is worried I might be "one of those..."

The finished Craft! How soothing!

Amy autographs!

Conan O' brien did the same craft with Amy... but with worn pantyhose. Take a look!

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