November 15, 2006

The Chicagoland Craft Collective

I organize a group on called the Chicagoland Craft Collective... it's a great deal of fun; and I have met some wonderful people. I wanted to share our last Craft with you... this little monkey character was designed by Susie Ziegler. Isn't it the cutest thing ever! I am making one of mine into a pin for my son and another set into pigtail holders for our 6 year old friend Hope. They are made of felt... and the design was easy to cut free hand. We made them in about an hour.

Susie is really influenced by Japanese pattern books... she has shown me some she bought on and they are amazingly cute! I might be addicted to a new craft! I have to get Suzie to share her Flickr photo album with us... she is super talented; and although she says she just follows patterns (most of the time... the monkeys are original designs) I think she has great taste!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, those are SO CUTE! Thanks for posting about these... Please show more! :)

Dawn Rapsas said...

Hi Sarah,

Are you selling any of these monkeys?? My kids LOVE LOVE monkeys!!

Please let me know :)

Dawn from NJ

Luv_Asher said...

These are super adorable. They remind me of Robeez with the stitching. SOOOOO CUTE!!