November 18, 2006

A Card for Fall

Here is a fall card for you! It features a very cool technique called Paper Suedeing. I used a crimper to quicken the process… just place the paper in and crimp, then turn the paper a ¼ turn and crimp again. Continue to do this until the layers start to separate. If you do not own a crimper then just scrunch, smash and crinkle your card stock until the layers start to pull apart. Pull and separate the layers slowly. You will get two sueded papers each time! Show the fuzzy side on your card.

This technique only works with high quality card stocks like those from Stampin’ Up! Our paper is also dyed throughout the layers…so there is no white core. This is necessary for this project.

1 comment:

AnneMarie said...

I used to do this with my students- had them take a paper bag and rub it to itself like crazy until it felt like buffalo hide and then they drew a pictograph on it... it was a lot of fun!
I am not sure I understand how to use the crimper like that... hmmmmm
how do you go about doing it? I will have to figure it out.. my kids will love this- they love that gizmo!