November 12, 2006

And the winner is....

OK... well ladies, I am overwhelmed with the response to the Gift Card Giveaway! I had 35 people subscribe during this event, and I am so grateful! SO as a special Thank You... you are ALL getting a free gift card holder! Expect your Free Gift Card Holder in a couple weeks... and look for more contests coming soon! I have some fun stuff prepared!

How do you like the new blog?
I took the plunge and switched to Blogger Beta. So far I like it, and I don't think my visitors can even tell the difference.

Have you seen my Lens?
Look to the right... Under the "Links" section... see the link "a Lens on Stamping"... click on it! This wonderful link will lead you to my lens. A lens is a little window on a specific subject; it contains links to many stamping sites, and lists of books, magazines and tools I recommend. If you like my lens, please leave your rating (at the very top) and a comment (at the very bottom). I would also love to hear some ideas of links or features to add to the Lens. If you have a blog yourself; I would be happy to add a link to your blog at my lens. Just let me know by leaving a message in my comments section.

Happy Stamping!


Beth said...

Wow - Sarah - that's so sweet of you to send a gift card holder to everyone! :-) I look forward to it!

Thank you!!

Analee said...

I'm putting $20 in mine to give to my wonderful Mail Lady. Oh, my! The eBay boxes she's had to lug! We open them together in my kitchen and decide if we like it or not. What fun!