October 27, 2006

Does this Make me a Bad Mother?

I just read the book the Glass Castle. The following week I read Running with Scissors; so I am feeling pretty good about my parenting skills... but then I came across these pictures while trying to decide what my next post might be.

Perhaps I am not the only mother to just give up; hand over the screwdriver and say; "Go ahead kid, do your worst". Or maybe these photos of my shirtless 2 year old (apparently experimenting with electronics) will be used as evidence against me. I don't think I am concerned either way. My child is fed today... I am out of bed... heck; I even made dinner. Are the dishes done? Hell no. Have I made the Robot costume I purchased $30 worth of supplies for? No, I have not... BUT I intend to... by 4:00 PM on October 31st.

On almost a daily basis I ask this question in my head; "Does this make me a bad mother"? I have questioned the long pokey objects I let my son run around with, the candy I bribe him with so I can make a phone call, the tote bag (some might call a purse) that I encourage my son to carry his Thomas Trains in, and the anti-war pin I let (re:force) my 2 year old to wear to the mall. Do I give my son a bath often enough? Do I feed him well balanced meals? Is encouraging him to parrot "George Bush is a Poo-poo head" a bad thing???

This week there was a woman from Norway on Oprah who, when comparing national parenting practices, said she would never give her child Peanut Butter; as if Peanut Butter sandwiches were some horrific American ritual destined to keep future generations of American children apathetic to the troubles of the planet... Pu-leessse! Don't even get me started!

I am a good mother. Each day I make sure to tell my son I love him. I give him lots of hugs and kisses and I try to make certain that each time he enters the room I smile his way. When he is afraid to try something new I tell him "you can do it buddy!". And when he throws a tantrum because I refused to let him eat a raisin he found under the refrigerator I don't send him to him to his room or put him in time out... I make sure it is indeed a raisin, then I let him eat it.

There's something wrong with a mother who washes out a measuring cup with soap and water after she's only measured water in it.
Erma Bombeck


Jessica/Faereygirl said...

Uh yes....if I had a kid I would just let him eat the grody rasin too. I think grody rasins just teach another life lesson...

Never eat things that you find under the fridge or on the floor of a bathroom....;)

Kath said...

I finished the Glass Castle a few weeks ago. What did you think? As I was reading I thought to myself. I know this family...then I realized who it was. The Simpsons! LOL! I'll have to read Running with Scissors next - considering the name of blog.

staramaze said...

Oh.. I think worse than the Simpsons! I loved the book... very hard to put it down... I liked it better that Running With Scissors (which was more disturbing... and sometimes just icky!). But I wanted to read RWS before the movie came out.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah... you are too funny... If you are a bad mother... and I have many of these moments...even now that my son is 8... just yesterday I had a am I a bad mommy moment... then I am a bad mommy too... I can totally relate to all your questions. Been there, asked that and I love your answer... that is exactly what comes out of my mouth too. I make sure that I give him quality.. not always the quantity, but the LOVE. You know? The Power behind I love you unconditionally. He is my Angel from up above that God chose to bless my husband and me with. I tell him that when he goes to bed and he smiles under those tired little peepers. It's so gratifying to put him to sleep feelign loved and secure. Better than any present in the world. Take care. Sandra.