September 8, 2006

Help us Bill Gates! Help us!

So the Museum of Science and Industry is now officially LAME. I just don't understand how they don't have the cash to keep it up... or the staff to do the needed repairs! Call it the "Microsoft Museum of Science and Industry"; seriously... get Bill Gates on board! A few sections seem to be sponsored by companies; Sears in the Kids Area, John Deere and multiple Agricultural groups in the Farm area... that's all I saw. The exhibits are out of date and poorly done... lots of broken monitors, really dirty, sticky, dusty things... It was just YUCK!

The Big Bang button was not-so-surprisingly disappointing... no sound, no rumble... this little button just basically turned on a little light bulb behind a reflective panel; creating a small and unimpressive starburst. I somehow feel a button labeled "Big Bang" should be more... I don't know... monumental and leaning closer to planetary than light bulb.

Another busted Monitor!

Pluto Lives!

How do Scientists spell "destroy"?
Also note the cracked glass.

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