September 27, 2006

Dyeing Ribbon... a "Neat" way!

Just a quick tip for today... I love dyeing white Stampin' Up! Grosgrain with our classic pads or reinkers; but it's messy right? So I thought I'd just use a marker the same color as the pad instead of my finger to run the ribbon across the pad. It works great! I found success when I put the ribbon in my dryer on high afterwards to set the color. Give it a try!

I have out of towners coming in from Florida this week. My friend Shannon is very Crafty (see her link on the right; Boogiebeads)... so I know I will have crafty adventures to share! Plus we have tickets to see Wicked, and Kane County Flea Market plans! So great!!!

I also still need to post about the Tinley Park Stamping expo, and the Renegade Craft Fair! My gosh... so much to tell you! Hopefully I will have a bit of time before my guests arrive to post a bit more for you all.

Thanks for reading today!


Jennifer said...

Love that tip about using the marker instead of your finger. Now I need EVERY color marker too! haha

Nicole said...

Fab-U-lous! Thanks for sharing!!!

Rein said...

This is great!
Thanks for sharing!