September 18, 2006

And you thought I was a "Nice" girl!

Ok... I am a Splitcoast addict...and while I love the typical sweet card; I must confess I have a naughty side! I made this card for Kaylyn Conover's "Twisted and Demented" card swap. I posted an edited version on Splitcoast, but here it is in its entirety... Rated PG-13 I suppose!

You must know this is a very shimmery and sparkly card in person... hard to photograph; but the Truck is embossed with Black Craft and Iridescent Ice EP. The paper is Shimmery White and the snowflakes are Bashful Blue Craft ink and Iridescent Ice EP too. Other than the sentiment; it's a lovely card!

But wait! It's not so naughty!!! Tee Hee!

I hope I don't get coal in my stocking!


jan said...

hilarious! i know i am getting coal cause i was already thinking of people i could sent it too when it was just the wishing you sh**! LOL
very creative and fun! love the antlers on the puppies, they are cute!

Anonymous said...

This is awesome, i'm gonna have to case this and send it to my brother, he lovwesthis kind of humor... too funny

Dotty said...

OMG, ROFLMAO!! out LOUD and I'm at work, everyone is wondering what is *SO* funny!?!?! This is fabulous. I love your sense of humor...great card, TFS and for the laugh - I surely needed it's a Monday!

Dawn said...

LOL this is way to cute girlie ..
Love it .. Not to sure I could send these to my church family tho:-)

Jen said...

Okay that card needed a big warning label. I spewed my water when I saw it! Very creative!

Anonymous said...

What a great card! It is SO totally something I could send. A few years back I used an image with a reindeer that said "Jingle your own damn bells"


Erika Martin said...

Puhahahahaha! I love it!!!

I was gonna use the "s" word on my card here:

but held back and used "crap" instead. ;)

Anonymous said...

Way too funny! I like how your card is so well done and clean cut looking too -- even though it has the demented element *smiles* Keep on blogging and if you feel inspired -- visit my blog

Allison said...

This is awesome...just subscribed today. I believe your politics, child-rearing style and sense of humor may just be exactly my style!

Sue McGettigan said...

This is totally hilarious - OMG!!

Gabby said...

Now that is what I call hilarious with a pause of "OMG"!!! Reminds me of Austin Powers "Gold Member" I have to case this, my BIL would LOVE something like this with his fun sense of humor!

Gabby AKA Faieemom SCS